How a Pair of Barber Clippers Saved My Life!

November 11, 2016

Never Quit! Never Give Up! Start Accomplishing Your Dreams!




Read a little excerpt from Celebrity Barber Harold Ray McDonald Sr. book:


It was at midnight, the night seemed darker than usual to me. As I stood on the corner, I was thinking to myself, once I get this sale, I could get enough money to pay my bills...


My thoughts were abruptly interrupted when out of nowhere, several cars pull up at the same time. Next, I hear screeching. Then the red lights start flashing. Oh no! It was too late to run. It seem everything went in slow motion from there on. The flashing red lights were the police. It appeared, they came out of nowhere. My heart was about to come out of my chest!

It felt like my thoughts was showing me quick flashes of my life and my future. I knew I was caught. This is not the movies. I am getting ready to go to jail. It felt like a little man was trying to get out of my chest my heart was beating so strong! HOW COULD I get myself into this mess?


Click on the link below to finish reading. Read how a pair a clippers changed Harold McDonald's life.




Never Give Up! Don't allow life to beat you. Take your life back. Fight like never before. Just don't QUIT!


Break Free! Take Charge of Your Life!


We all have past hurts and pains. The difference is, how we operate after the trauma hits our life. After childhood abuse. After a bad relationship. After a financial setback. Our past hurts can be a potential setback.


Sometimes the setback can make you question everything.


Do you find as soon as you take a step forward, past hurts get RIGHT back in your face? Be healed.


Get over your past hurts. It's a trap to keep you in prison. Your thoughts go back to what your father did or didn't do. Be healed so YOU CAN MOVE FORWARD.


Confront today what has been holding you back.

Here are 4 tips:


1. Deal with it.

2. Speak to your past. "I am not that abused child anymore. I have power over my life."

3. Accept it. It happened.

It’s not easy. But holding on…to why it happened is not going to help us move on after a setback. It only hurts, further debilitating our future.

4. Recover – start living

Stop dwelling on your past, and place your focus on how to create a better life. Take massive action. Break the pattern of harmful thinking.


Dig deep within and force yourself to see you and your family in a better place.


Using your tears, hurt, anger, frustration and worry caused by that trauma and re-channeling it to working on a specific task, can help you break free and move on from what's been holding you back.


Go Get Your Life Back!


Celebrity Barber Harold Ray McDonald Sr. is located in Round Rock, Texas




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