Nothing is more beautiful than the natural biology of a woman

January 5, 2017


This is beauty. 

In our society today, the idea of beauty has been construed and misrepresented by false images and unattainable expectations of what (or how) the female body is supposed to look like. We nip and tuck, squeeze, and suck in everything that is truly natural about us. We filter our reality to meet society’s standards of female beauty.  


Our Accomplishments as woman, our experiences, and stories cannot be posted until we have edited and filtered out pieces of ourselves that are not deemed beautiful. But why is this the case? Why are we taught that what we cannot control about our bodies is a flaw? Every morning when we wake up, we check that dreadful mirror in hopes that our reflection will not show a brand new pimple, or a break out of some sort, or show us that braids we worked so hard on the night before are now ruined from deep sleep. What are we comparing ourselves too? Who are we comparing ourselves too? In our society, media is prominent for conditioning us what to believe.


The construction of beauty is no exception to this rule. We are hence comparing ourselves- the natural female body, to media’s construction of beauty. Media promotes that woman are supposed to have clear and radiant skin, woman are supposed to have thigh gaps, and small waists, yet be voluptuous in the areas that matter like the breast or buttock. Media might promote and construct this as beauty, but biology promotes something totally different. This is breaking code, us females letting it all out. We do not have the energy to fight biology anymore. The energy to suck in our waist to fit into a tight pair of pants, we do not have the energy to apply seven coats of foundation to hide what biology created. We do not have the energy anymore to keep fighting ourselves to match up to society’s high unrealistic expectations.


Nothing is more real than a woman with a zit. Nothing is more real than a woman with curves tucked into a pair of fitting jeans. Nothing is more beautiful than the natural biology of a woman. For woman are not made to hide themselves under layers of plastic and grim, they were created just perfect, to be admired and strong. This is beauty. Natural is beautiful. Biology is beautiful. So let’s stop trying to fight it. In recent news, People magazine published an article glamorizing the efforts of some of our well known celebrity figures Alicia Keys, and Gabrielle Union. Two eloquent, successful, and talented woman who have gone against the norms of society, and have chosen to embrace their natural beauty. An act that is glamorized, and televised as if embracing your natural beauty is some kind of phenomenon. 




We are three authentic voices. Girls who wake up every day hours before school or work to fit into the box that society has created for us woman to live in. The role we have to rise to expectations. Make sure our eye lashes are long enough, our skirts tight enough, and that before we think about the depth of our intellect, we think about the depth of our pores. We are tired of this act. Now we will rise without seeking validation from anyone, we will define our worth by the strength of our character; Not by or exterior beauty.

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